Agyle Time is technology startup, with a workforce management product aimed at customer service

environments. Agyle Time went to market in 2014 / 2015 with a first prototype of its workforce

management product, and brought on board its first customer in mid-2015.

Following the success of its early market testing, we invested in full time commercial and technical

resources to develop the product as a serious competitor and disrupter in the mid-market for workforce

management product.

In January 2021, Agyle Time merged with Playvox, to bring a full Workforce Engagement Management to

customer service organisations.

The Agyle Time product is fully cloud based, developed as a series of micro-services and leveraging the

AWS infrastructure and eco-system.

Our customers span industries across financial services, government, retail, technology, and utilities. They

range in size from approximately 50 seats to approximately 1000, and the rapid uptake and growth means

that we are looking for great people to join us; we are a small but fast-evolving team who pull together to

produce and deliver amazing client outcomes. We are looking for a like-minded person to join our

dynamic team.

Role Description – Integration Engineer

You will work closely with a talented team of Partners, Engineers and Customer Success Managers within

an agile environment to deliver on a product vision to create a unique workforce management experience.

In particular you will focus on the data flows to / from our technology partner platforms to create a

seamless, connected experience.

We’re open on background but what we’re looking for is experienced engineers with commercial

experience in Javascript / Python development, AWS, CI/CD, distributed systems, event driven

applications, micro-services, container orchestration and event-sourcing.

The Agyle Time product is fully cloud based, developed as a series of micro-services and leveraging the

AWS infrastructure and eco-system. Our development toolkit is constantly evolving and currently includes:

● Node.js, Angularjs, Python

● AWS RDS (MySQL), MongoDb, S3, Athena, DynamoDB

● AWS ECS, Lambda

● Buildkite, Terraform, CodeDeploy, Serverless

As an Integration Engineer, you are responsible for analysing third party API’s and data, and designing

solutions for integrating this into Agyle Time.

You’ll have a strong working knowledge of several aspects of software development, from designing,

coding, testing to DevOps. You will be comfortable working side by side with other internal stakeholders,

making decisions together in order to quickly deliver valuable working software to Agyle Time customers.

Agyle Time – Job description


To succeed in this role you will be agile and retrospective, and not afraid to identify what we’re doing

wrong so we can fix it, and what we're doing right so we can make it even better. You are impact and

delivery driven. You’re thoughtful and pragmatic, able to make the right prioritisation decisions balancing

new technologies, opportunities for improvements, and delivery timelines.

As part of our engineering team, you’ll be helping us to deliver an exciting product. This role is diverse with

plenty of growth potential and the ability to learn several cross-domain skills.

The ideal person is someone that is keen to get involved in a small, and fast paced team environment. You

will need to be prepared to dig in, and do what is required to ensure success.


● You fix what’s broken. You are passionate about creating the best customer experience.

● You can move at speed, demonstrating strong critical thinking to make the right decisions to rapidly

deliver the optimal outcome for the customer

● You’re straight up, possessing good communication skills

● You are hands on and pragmatic

● Understand other system API’s and document, design, and develop system components / features

to integrate these into Agyle Time.

● Coordinate with our partners throughout the SDLC to ensure that there is clear understanding of

the how, and ensure successful outcomes.

Skills required

● 5+ years software engineering / development experience.

● Technical analysis and documentation skills, to ensure that solutions and API’s are designed

and documented

● Cloud infrastructure experience an advantage, especially with AWS services

● Strong organisational and communication skills. Ability to document complex processes and


● Down-to-earth, make it happen, analytical and detail oriented with a strong drive and

innovative approach

● Experience working closely with Design, Engineering and Business Stakeholders in an

agile environment

● Experience working with integration and automation technologies, including RESTful API’s.